Aluminium entrance doors have seen a rapid rise in popularity as homeowners are realising their fantastic range of features and benefits. Not only are they extremely energy efficient achieving U-values as low as 0.9 W/m2k, but they’re also highly secure thanks to 10-point locking systems and stainless-steel locking systems. But the best part is they require very minimal maintenance to remain a high-performance home improvement product.

Here is our advice for cleaning your aluminium entrance door without causing any damage to it.

What is the best cleaner to clean aluminium?

smarts aluminium front doorBefore you start cleaning your aluminium entrance door you need to ensure you have the right products and equipment. Despite what you may think expensive cleaning products are not necessary. For the best results, we recommend using a simple mixture of warm water and a non-alkaline liquid detergent. Harsh chemicals can affect the quality of your aluminium and cause the powder coating to erode, discolour or fade.

If you’ve noticed your aluminium door has become severely stained or the gloss finish has become dull you can use an approved renovating cream with a non-abrasive cloth to refresh your frames. T-Cut and similar automotive paint restorers may be used provided it is not abrasive. If you want advice on the appropriate product to use on your aluminium entrance door, please contact a member of our friendly team who will be able to assist you.

How do I clean my aluminium entrance door?

Aluminium is an incredibly low-maintenance building material; you only need to clean your entrance door once every six months. If you’re living in a coastal area or near an industrial estate, we recommend performing more regular cleans to prevent chemicals from affecting the aluminium. We would suggest cleaning once every three months in these areas. Performing small but regular cleans prevents hard to remove dirt and grime from building up.

Equipment needed

  • A bucket of cleaning solution (warm soapy water & an alkaline-free solution)
  • A bucket of clean water
  • A non-abrasive brush, sponge or a soft bristle brush
  • A soft drying cloth


  • Using a dry non-abrasive brush remove any dust or loose debris from the door (failing to do this will leave you with unwanted streaks and smears).
  • Wash down your door with your soapy solution being careful to avoid any glazing. For harsh dirt try using a rubber bristle brush and adding pressure to the area. Don’t forget to wash out any ridges, grooves or joints where dirt can build up unnoticed.
  • Rinse the door thoroughly with clean water making sure to remove any soap suds.
  • For the best results use a soft brush to completely dry the door, this will leave you with a streak and watermark-free finish.

Don’t forget the glazing, hardware and handles

kubu smart lock entrance door

Make sure that you clean every aspect of your door, not only will this make your door look fantastic, but it will also keep it performing perfectly. When cleaning your glazing you only need a generic glass cleaner there’s no need for anything expensive. Spray over the glass being careful to avoid your door panels and simply wipe it off with a non-abrasive cloth and warm water. Always dry the glass to avoid unwanted smears and marks. Your door handles can build up a lot of germs and dirt between cleans so it’s crucial that you don’t forget about them. Give them a gentle wipe with your non-alkaline solution and a soft cloth to remove any nasty germs that have built up.

For optimum performance from your aluminium entrance door, you need to keep your hardware well lubricated we recommend using a light machine oil once every 3-6 months on all moving parts. Use a clean cloth to wipe over any excess to prevent oil from transferring onto the door.

Low maintenance aluminium doors from Premier

At Premier Windows and Doors, our aluminium entrance doors offer incredible thermal and security benefits whilst remaining exceptionally low maintenance. If you’re interested in upgrading to an outstanding aluminium entrance door, please contact a member of our expert team. You can get in touch with us by either calling us for free on 0800 854 353 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation quote.

Alternatively, you can visit our excellent double-glazing showroom in Aylesbury to get an in-person look and feel of our full product range. Our helpful team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with invaluable advice and guidance.