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New front door prices can range from as little as £600 for a basic, supply-only uPVC door right through to over £4500 for custom-built aluminium or sold timber doors, depending on the specification. One of the biggest factors to determine the price is the material used: uPVC front doors tend to be among the cheapest options, while modern aluminium front doors offer unrivalled security, style and energy efficiency for those with bigger budgets. Composite doors offer the best of both worlds and are one of the most popular types of new front doors for UK homes.

uPVC front doors

Our uPVC front doors are among the most affordable we offer and are made using premium materials from Aluplast's Formula 1 range. The front doors are strong and durable, and as uPVC is an excellent insulator, they are thermally efficient too. What’s more, uPVC is very robust and virtually maintenance-free, so these types of doors offer an affordable fit-and-forget solution for most homes.

Composite front doors

The most popular type of new front door for UK homeowners is the composite door. Made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), these durable doors are built to last - they won't warp, twist, or fade over time and the woodgrain textured finish gives a beautiful look that resembles natural timber.
Composite doors are inherently strong and secure, thanks to an ultra-dense foam or timber core coupled with modern multi-point locks. It’s this core that gives these doors their excellent energy efficiency ratings too.

Aluminium front door

A new front door made from aluminium is a real signature statement. These are premium-level products that allow for incredible strength, durability and high levels of security but are all contained in sleek and sophisticated slimline aluminium frame.

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Other factors to consider when pricing up a new front door:

Door Style and Design – simpler designs and styles such as plain slab doors are cheaper than more intricate designs with glazed panels.

Door Colour – there is a range of colours and textured finishes available for new front doors, but the traditional white is generally the cheapest option.

Door Handles – when pricing up a new front door, don't forget to include the door furniture such as door handles, door knockers and letterboxes. Our prices will include all of these in your quote.

Glazing – cheaper new front doors may come with B rated glass, whereas premium new doors will come with the latest A or A+ glazing options. Some new doors even have triple-glazed windows for the very best energy efficiency levels.

Security – not all locking systems are the same, and you get what you pay for. Our doors meet the strictest standards for security so you can relax safe in the knowledge your home is well protected.

Professional Installation – some cheaper front door prices quoted online will be for supply-only. You need to factor in the cost of a professional installer fitting it too.

Guarantee – Look for lengthy guarantee, both for the manufacture and the installation, as a sign of a quality product. Premier front doors come with a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee, which covers you should anything ever go wrong.

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