Recent studies shows that natural light plays an important part in our health and well-being.

Sage green Edwardian uPVC conservatory with a glass roof

Commissioned by the Government, the study by Loughborough University found that the highest consuming 20% of households used over 760 kWh/year for lighting, while the lowest-consuming households used only 150 kWh/year.

Drilling down into the detail the authors of the report found that high energy users were often those with high daytime lighting consumption. Gary Warby, Owner Premier Windows has said “Natural light delivers multiple benefits. It reduces energy consumption and with it, the amount that we pay for our energy bills but it also has a massive impact on how we feel about life and our health and well-being. “Increasing the glazing in your property can help to keep these long term costs down but through the creation of spaces filled with natural light, can also contribute to your health and well-being.”

Premier Windows, delivers a comprehensive range of energy efficient windows and doors. These can help you bring more natural light into your home and significantly improve its security, while advanced thermal performance can help you cut the heat lost from your home.

Hybrid glazed extension systems bring in more brickwork to offer highly flexible and light filled family living spaces.

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