Although it was first patented in America in the 1930s, triple glazing has until recently been the unsung relation of its double-glazed cousin. Seen as expensive and unnecessary, it hasn’t gained anywhere near the amount of traction in the glazing industry. Until now…

Recently, we at Premier Windows have been receiving an increased number of enquiries about our triple-glazed windows, with potential customers wanting to know everything from thermal efficiency to reducing noise pollution. So in this article we’ve tried to cover as many of these questions as possible about triple-glazing, its benefits, how it compares to double-glazing and more!

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What is triple-glazing?

OK, let’s start by identifying what double-glazing is, as one naturally follows the other. A double-glazed window is one made up of two panes of glass separated by a small cavity. This gap is filled with Argon inert gas, making the window much more thermally efficient and secure than a single-glazed window.

A triple-glazed window is the same, except it has a third layer of glass and an additional cavity. This too is filled with inert gas, making the window incredibly thermally efficient, secure and noise resistant.

Is it really that much better than double-glazing?

That’s a good question. Modern double glazing will no doubt save you money via great energy efficiency. However, you can expect to achieve some 60 per cent more energy efficiency from a triple-glazed window, which will save you even more money. Triple-glazing has very low U-values and high Window Energy Ratings, so it’s an impressive product all year round.

Does it cost more than double glazing?

Yes, it does. It uses more glass than double glazing, and more glass means that material costs are higher, as well as handling and fitting costs. However, triple-glazing essentially takes all the innovations in double-glazing thermal efficiency and makes it better, this time by a ‘third’ or more, again. And much of this is down to U-values and window energy ratings.

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What are U-values and Window Energy Ratings?

A U-value is a way of measuring how easily heat gets through windows and doors. The higher the U-value, the more heat escapes. So what we’re looking for are lower U-values, keeping more heat in. The triple glazed windows we supply are manufactured in a new purpose-designed six chamber energy efficient system, which accommodates a 44mm triple-glazed unit, achieving a u-value as low as 0.8W/m².K.

A Window Energy Rating (WER) combines three different elements of window performance: Solar gain or how much heat the window allows into your home; and how much it lets out of it, either through draughts or thermal transfer and heat loss (the U-value). Triple glazing has the top energy rating of A++ and is much better at reducing heat loss due to the extra glass.

Is it effective in all areas of the house?

Triple-glazing works differently depending on where it is situated. Many householders in northern European and Scandinavian countries favour them because they keep heat in, so they have this advantage for UK homes with north-facing windows. For south-facing windows, the consensus is that high-performance double glazing will be sufficient as you will already benefit from the solar gain from the sun.

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What about noise reduction?

Noise pollution is a huge issue now. From road traffic and aircraft noise to the proximity of other people, noise creeps into many aspects of our daily lives and, frankly, can drive us nuts!

In terms of noise reduction, the thicker the glass the better. Triple-glazing can – in the right configuration – help to insulate from noise but it’s important to do your research. Sound passes through glass laterally and if the glass used is equal thickness e.g. three panes at 4mm the sound wave reverberates through each pane in the same way.

Tell me more about the security of triple-glazed windows

No window or door is 100 per cent safe against break-ins, but triple glazing might be the nearest you’ll come to it. The glass used is robust, and having three layers strengthens the entire surface area of the transparent panel. That said, it’s also very important that you get the best window locking systems available. Download our buyers’ guide for more information about the security features we offer.

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All in all, should I go for triple-glazing?

Much depends on the individual property and the budget. Triple-glazing isn’t for everyone, but it can save more money and keep noise at bay if you live in an area where that is an issue. As said, this is about your individual property and your budget.

Triple glazing is better at reducing heat loss due to the extra glass. It takes all the innovations in double-glazing thermal efficiency and makes it better, this time by a ‘third’ or more, again. However, while reducing heat loss that extra pane of glass lowers the amount of sunlight that passes into your home, reducing solar gain.

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