The historic market town of High Wycombe is home to a host of beautiful properties. When it comes to choosing a new door, a High Wycombe homeowner is likely to want something that offers a contemporary spin on a classic style. Thankfully, Premier offers new doors in a complete range of materials, including:

  • uPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Composite
  • Timber

All of these materials combine stunning aesthetics with exceptional thermal performance. So, which door material is right for you? Each material has a performance area where they truly excel. uPVC doors, for example, are extremely versatile and low maintenance, while composite doors boast unbeatable security features. Which material you choose will depend on your preferences and priorities as a homeowner.

Why choose a uPVC door?

Being a widely-used, synthetic polymer of plastic, uPVC is completely immune to rotting It’s also incredibly versatile, suiting a complete range of door styles. This versatility is what makes it the most popular door material. Whether you’re looking for a new entrance door, or a new set of bifold or French doors, uPVC offers a low-maintenance, energy-efficient solution. uPVC doors only require the occasional wipe down with warm soapy water to stay in top condition. They can also achieve U-values as low as 1.1W/m²k, helping to retain your home’s heat and reduce your energy bills.

Its appearance is equally adaptable. uPVC doors suit both smooth and woodgrain-effect finishes. Therefore, High Wycombe homeowners can help to preserve the town’s traditional aesthetics, while still benefitting from uPVC’s modern technology.

White uPVC entrance door and porch installation

Why choose an aluminium door?

Little can match aluminium doors when it comes to slim aesthetics Aluminium is one of the strongest materials on the market. As such, only very thin aluminium frames are required to support a large pane of glass. This is what makes it perfect for both bifold and patio doors. With the slimmest possible sightlines, they let in vast swathes of natural light, and offer beautiful views of your garden.

Their sleek appearance creates a minimalist, architectural effect that’s ideal for more modern homes. However, they can also be manufactured with woodgrain-effect finishes, helping to blend modernity with traditional charm. For older properties in High Wycombe, rosewood and Golden Oak have proved immensely popular. For those who want to modernise, however, black and grey frames really help to accentuate the slimming effect of aluminium door frames.

Polyamide thermal breaking technology also allows for them to exhibit exceptional thermal performance. By inserting a polyamide material between the inner and outer frames, the rate of thermal transfusion is slowed, and the doors can achieve U-values as low as 1.2 W/m²k. This helps aluminium doors to prevent heat from penetrating your home in Summer and escaping your home during the Winter.

Wide grey aluminium bifold doors

Why choose a composite door?

A composite door is perfect for High Wycombe homeowners who want to combine elegant looks with maximum security. Like with uPVC, composite doors are resistant to rotting However, they are also manufactured with a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin, which makes them resistant to corrosion from even the harshest of weather This is just one feature that makes them exceptionally durable and ideal for front or back entrances.

They are also made with either a foam or timber core. This is what makes them resistant to  even the strongest force. So, if security is the number one concern for your High Wycombe property, a composite door is certain to protect your home from intruders and extreme weather. This insulating core is also what makes them exceedingly energy-efficient.

Of course, composite doors are available in a full-range of colours and finishes. A popular combination is Chartwell Green with an embossed woodgrain-effect finish. This has helped countless High Wycombe homes to maintain their traditional appearance, while benefitting from the most modern security enhancements.

Solidor light grey composite door

Why choose a timber door?

We’ve talked a lot about woodgrain effect finishes. With an authentic timber door, there’s no effect; it’s the real thing! Timber doors have been gracing Buckinghamshire homes for hundreds of years. They even predate High Wycombe’s famous farmer’s market. What better way to preserve the town’s heritage than installing a new timber door for your home?

Stable doors are particularly compatible with timber. They create a charming, pastoral effect which is perfect for a back door. French doors also suit the ornate textures of timber.

Timber is also one of the most naturally durable materials in the world. If properly maintained, timber doors can last up to 65 years. That’s nearly a lifetime of incredible, natural strength, style and thermal insulation, all from a material which is 100% renewable. Able to be recycled over and over again without losing quality, a timber door will help you to reduce your carbon footprint at every stage of its life cycle.

Green timber stable door installation

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