With Winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to check if your windows need replacing. Windows that are old or faulty share a number of problems that are all related to each other. These include:

  • Difficulty when opening
  • Poor soundproofing
  • Poor insulation
  • Condensation and leaks

At Premier, we want all homes across Buckingham and Aylesbury to be secure and warm as we head into the colder months. If your windows are facing any of these problems, then it could well be time to invest in replacement windows. We’ll be going into detail on each of these issues in the blog below. But before that, let’s address the biggest problem, which most of the other problems feed towards:

Higher energy bills

If you’ve noticed that your heating bills have been getting steadily higher, this is a clear indication that your windows’ performance standards are beginning to drop. It could be that the components of your windows are faltering. Or the old frames have warped. Or maybe the glazing is starting to fail. But one thing is for sure: heat is escaping your home and cold is getting in. With a colder house, comes greater use of your central heating, and from there comes higher energy bills.

A window replacement may cost money, but in the long-run they’ll be less expensive than letting your bills rack up. A reputable installer will also offer a range of flexible finance options to help cover the cost. Now, here’s what to look out for before the bills start to snow you under…

Flush sash bay window with leaded glass

Your windows are difficult to open or close

If you find your windows are getting stuck, it’s a sign that a window replacement is needed.

These kinds of operational problems could be a result of a fault within the opening mechanism. For single and double hung windows, a common problem is dirt and dust accumulating inside the frame. The friction this causes can be fixed with the simple application of some lubricating gel or spray. However, some casement windows can face issues with loose or stripped screws inside the mechanism. To solve this, you’ll need to remove the sash so that you can get inside, which we wouldn’t recommend doing without the help of a professional.

Stiffness could also be caused by the window’s material warping. This is particularly a problem with older timber windows. If the wooden frames split, they can allow water to build up inside. Then, when the sun hits, the moisture causes the frame to expand and become too big for the space it occupies. Of course, the result is that it becomes stuck in place.

Whatever the cause, the solution is a new set of replacement windows.

Your windows have poor soundproofing

This won’t impact your energy bills directly, but it will impact your sense of peace and quiet. Sound leaking in from the street is a sure sign that your windows are starting to underperform.

As a general rule, the more material sound has to pass through, the more it will be diffused. Following that theory, it sounds like all double-glazed windows should have adequate soundproofing qualities. However, for some older double-glazed models, the vibration of the glass when the sound hits overly compresses the internal air in the sealed unit. The consequence is that more sound passes through. To improve this, invest in more modern double-glazed windows with glass panes that are wider apart and varying in thickness. This minimises air compression and provides more space for the noise to seamlessly diffuse into.

When it comes to triple-glazing, this effect is only enhanced. With that extra pane of glass, comes more material for the sound to pass through. As a result, barely any exterior noise squeezes its way into the house. This makes triple-glazed windows perfect for homes in busy city centres or next to motorways.

Poor soundproofing is certain to become a problem for single-glazed windows. If your windows are single-glazed, now is the perfect time to upgrade to double-glazed or even triple-glazed windows.

Grey aluminium tilt and turn windows interior view

Poor thermal performance

Also a result of outdated single-glazing, poor thermal performance is the biggest contributor to higher energy bills. If your Buckinghamshire or Aylesbury home is draughty and not retaining heat properly, we strongly recommend you replace your windows with modern double or triple-glazed windows. The multiple panes of glass, separated by a layer of gas, offer much better protection from the outside elements. They also prevent the heat inside your house from escaping. This is because they have lower U-values, which measure the rate of thermal transmittance. The lower the U-value, the less cold gets in, and the less heat escapes. As with soundproofing, thermal performance can be improved by double or triple glazed windows with larger gaps in between the glass panes.

Even if you live in a conservation area, Premier Windows have the double or triple-glazed solution for your home. For more information on this point, read our blog on the differences between double and triple-glazing.

Your windows are covered in condensation

Condensation is when water vapour in the atmosphere settles on surfaces that are at cooler temperatures. It’s not actually the end of the world if condensation builds up on the inside of your window. In fact, this would suggest that the windows are working well. The real problem is when condensation builds up on the inside of the sealed unit. This is what installers are referring to when they talk about windows being ‘blown’. If water is building up inside the unit, with nowhere for it to go, it’s only a matter of time before mould starts to fester and potentially do damage to the frames. Further information on window condensation can be found in our condensation guide in our downloads section.

For a long-term, cost-effective solution, invest in a new set of replacement windows.

Interior view of 3 uPVC vertical sliding windows

Window replacement in Buckingham and Aylesbury

Does any of the above apply to your windows?

Premier Windows offer fantastic double and triple-glazed replacement windows in Aylesbury, Chesham, Wendover and across Buckinghamshire. For more information, download our specialist window buying guide.

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