It used to be that a conservatory was a sign of status. A luxurious extension of the home only available to well-off landowners and the upper class. Fast forward hundreds of years later, however, and the wonderfully open space and a generous amount of sunshine that conservatories provide are available for everyone to enjoy. But is it possible to revel in the benefits a conservatory brings and also have it be energy efficient? We at Premier Windows are here to confirm yes, and here is how.

Energy efficient conservatories created using high-quality materials

The secret to creating an energy efficient conservatory is to invest in high-grade, thermally efficient windows and doors. Whether you choose to have yours constructed using uPVC, Aluminium, or natural Timber, the conservatories we provide have been optimised to lock in heat, allowing less warmth to escape and creating a general temperature that allows it a comfortable place to be 365 days a year. Modern conservatories fitted by Premier Windows can achieve an energy efficiency rating of A, and are suitable for any home.

Premier Windows is proud to adhere to Building Regulation requirements, and that includes the new Approved Document O statutory guidance that requires conservatories to not suffer from overheating despite a reduced amount of glazing. As UK temperatures continue to rise year over year in the Summer, we are well-equipped to ensure that you’ll be able to stay cool all year round in your newly extended living space.

A tiled red roof.Tip top energy efficiency with the right conservatory roof

While a conservatory’s windows and doors play a vital role, one of the most common ways warmth is able to escape any space is through the roof. Heat naturally rises, after all, hence why it’s important to pick the right conservatory roof style to suit your needs. Luckily, we at Premier Windows offer multiple options. The most popular is your classic glazed roof, which not only allow the sun to excessively shine in but is excellent at locking in heat thanks to high-grade uPVC and double glazed units that offer a low U-value of 1.0.

Alternatively, what’s called the Livinroof benefits from a part glazed/part solid design, using what’s called an insulated pelmet (infilled with mineral wool) to prevent heat loss and achieve an impressive 0.15 U-value. Then finally there’s our fully solid roof option, which also offers a U-value of just 0.15 too and is naturally designed to regulate temperatures all year round to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. All three conservatory roof options are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Ultraroof tiled roofKeep the heat in, whatever conservatory design

An energy efficient conservatory isn’t dictated by the shape, meaning you can have any style of glazed extension and benefit from improved insulation and thermal efficiency. Whether you seek a classic Edwardian energy efficient conservatory, one that leans south-facing towards the sun, or something completely custom, thermal break technology used within our uPVC and aluminium units will keep the space warm, while timber is naturally equipped to do the same thanks to its beautiful but dense material makeup.

These energy efficient materials, combined with effective double – or even triple – glazing will create a space that is not only pleasant to be in, but practical too. Thermal break technology, multi-chambered frames and high-grade Planitherm glass when used in combination with one another more than prove that a conservatory can be energy efficient – and then some!

A premier conservatory from Premier Windows

Here at Premier Windows, we’ve been treating the people of Buckinghamshire and its surrounding areas with thermally efficient home improvements for over 30 years. If you’d like to enquire about the possibilities an energy efficient conservatory might bring, don’t delay and contact us for a free quote today.