Aluminium front doors and composite front doors are two of the most luxurious and effective material types for any modern homeowner look to revitalise their property’s front entrance. This is because both options make significant aesthetic and functional enhancements over the uPVC doors of old, imbuing the home with a lot more thermal efficiency, security, and style. But how do the two different materials stack up with one another, and which residential door is the best for your Buckinghamshire home? We at Premier Windows are here to help you weigh up the pros and cons.

Aluminium or composite: which is more energy efficient?

Both aluminium and composite doors are well equipped to help improve thermal efficiency and reduce energy bills in the home, achieving similarly low U-value levels. The difference is how they go about it. Composite doors, for example, are constructed using Glass Reinforced Plastic or “GRP”, underneath which is a dense timber or foam core that helps prevent heat loss. Our composite doors achieve an energy rating of A using this specialist construction, all while retaining the traditional timber-like look that suits Buckinghamshire homes so well.

Equally as efficient are aluminium entrance doors, which utilise thermal break technology to help lock in warmth and reduce the amount of heat that is able to escape the home. Our aluminium doors double down on this tactic again by inserting polyamide material between the door style’s inner and outer frames. This helps maintain a balanced temperature all year round with U-values as low as 1.2 W/m²k. Both aluminium and composite doors are high performance when it comes to energy efficiency.

A yellow Smart Aluminium 300 Design Door

What styles are available for aluminium and composite doors?

Let’s get the obvious part out of the way, almost by design there are two distinct ways that aluminium and composite doors differ from one another: aluminium doors tend to be more modern by design, whereas a range of both contemporary or more traditional styles is available with composite doors.

This doesn’t mean both aren’t wildly customisable, though. They are. Composite doors, for instance, can be produced in a huge range of colours and with various finishes such as popular woodgrain effects. But even those can be made to suit your individual tastes, being available in 40 distinct colours ranging from pastel turquoise to very berry – there’s no longer a need to stick to the classic timber tones.

Aluminium doors are specifically designed with more modern homes in mind,but can equally straddle that line between familiar and innovative if need be. Literally hundreds of RAL colours can be powder coated onto the frames helping the door tone stay vivacious and vibrant for decades on end, while various glass insert patterns let light in and also look stylish. Composite doors benefit from wholly customisable glazed options, too, alongside different furniture that can impact the overall style.

DoorCo red composite door

Do composite doors require more maintenance than aluminium?

Simply put: no. Whether you choose a contemporary look or a more traditional style, on the inside composite doors are a completely modern design. This means they are very low maintenance, and unlike traditional timber doors, no sanding or varnishing is ever required for them to stay looking great. Aluminium, meanwhile, is one of the most secure and weather-resistant door materials out there. With either choice, you’ll be able to spend less time tending to your doors and more time enjoying the stylistic and functional benefits they bring.

DoorCo composite entrance door

Revitalise your Buckinghamshire home’s front entrance with a door

To discuss the bespoke benefits of both aluminium front entrance doors and composite doors further, feel free to contact a member of our team via the online form or call us on 0800 854353. We’d happily discuss which might best suit your specific Buckinghamshire home and needs.

Alternatively, come and see us at our showroom in Aylesbury where you can browse a range of composite doors and find the perfect new front door for your home.

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