Saving money while keeping warm has become a priority for almost all of us, as bills and the cost of living continues to rise.

Any of us who still have old-fashioned single glazing, or double glazing that is past its best, will know that when it comes to heating costs, money can literally fly out of the window – and the door too! Poorly insulated homes are one of the biggest reasons for what we describe as ‘thermal inefficiency’, leading to colder houses and costly energy bills.

There is, however, an alternative to switching on the fire, pulling on an extra coat and hoping for a milder winter. By fitting modern double glazing, you can be assured of energy efficiency, a warm and comfortable home and more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

So how does double glazing achieve this? Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of the technology that allows your home to be energy-efficient all year round…

Double glazing is a simple yet great idea

There isn’t a huge amount of science behind double glazing. It’s essentially just two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar, creating a sealed gap. This vacuum is then filled with inert gas, such as argon, which helps to stop condensation forming between the panes and creates heat retention. Windows can be a source of considerable heat loss, and double glazing is the best way of preventing this. However, it wasn’t always so popular. Double glazing took a while to catch on, but when it did it really flew and today it is thought that more than 90 per cent of UK homes have some form of double glazing installed.

Double glazing is known for thermal excellence

So this is where the real beauty of double glazing lies. Creeping inflation and rising bills have made us all look to make savings where we can. The high-performance insulating properties of double glazing are attractive because they will improve all-round thermal efficiency, leading to lower energy bills. For example, our double and triple glazed sealed units are some of the most thermally efficient available, allowing Window Energy Ratings of A++ to be achieved. The argon gas and airtight seal mean that heat is unable to flow in and out, trapping heat in your home and making it noticeably warmer.

Did you know that double glazing is also highly effective in the warmer months? It limits the amount of heat energy from outdoors transferring to the inside. Our Comfort Plus Double Glazing is the best option for sunny south or west-facing rooms as it has an invisible coating that blocks out 50% of external heat from the sun in summer yet retains 63% more heat in the winter. As well as this, double glazing acts as a shield against UV rays penetrating the home and causing fading to furniture, carpets, curtains and paintings.

Oak window interior

Noise reduction is easy to achieve with double glazing

Another advantage of double glazing is noise reduction. As well as keeping heat in, double glazing keeps noise pollution out – proving to be far better at the job than shutters or thick curtains. Even in the busiest areas, double glazing can reduce noise by up to 30 decibels. Again, our Comfort Plus range does this job very well, providing up to 20 per cent better noise reduction than traditional double glazing. While the technology can’t keep out noise completely, it can make a real difference in how we experience noise, creating a happier and healthier atmosphere indoors.

Strength and security are part of the reason double glazed windows are so effective

From time immemorial, burglars have entered properties via insecure windows. Most of these were through easily breakable single glazing held in place by wooden frames. Today, however, intruders have a much harder task if they decide to break through double glazing. The airtight seal helps to reinforce the glazing itself, while security features including multi-point locking (making sure the window is fastened at multiple points), internal beading (that stops intruders from being able to remove beading from the outside) and shoot bolts at the top and bottom of the windows keep your property extra secure.

Triple glazing provides another option when it comes to windows

As the name suggests, triple glazing is made from three panes of glass, helping to further improve energy efficiency and security, as well as reducing noise pollution – perfect for anyone living near a busy road or an airport. As we know, double glazed windows offer great energy performance – and triple glazed ones are even better. Our triple glazing has a U-value of  0.99, which is 24% more efficient than the best rating of 1.3 for standard double glazed windows with an A rating. Upgrading to triple glazing means you can achieve 60% more energy efficiency.

Double glazed windows can be highly customisable

Double glazing used to arrive in just one format – two panes of glass encased in a white uPVC frame. Not any more. The range of double glazing options is huge, allowing you to customise to your taste. You can have traditional-looking frames that have been styled to look like wood (see our Residence 9 Collection) or ultra-modern designs in slimline aluminium that reflect the latest trends for architect-styled homes. Styles of windows include casement, sliding sash, tilt and turn, among others. Then there are colour options. White is still very popular but nowadays has been joined by a palate of colours to suit any taste. At the moment, Anthracite and Basalt Grey are very popular, as are woodgrain finishes in English Oak and Walnut. The choice is yours – and it’s an extensive one.

The advantages of double and triple glazing are numerous, and it’s hard to argue against their benefits in homes both modern and traditional. Here at Premier Windows and Doors we supply glazing options to suit every type of home and we’re always happy to hear about the plans for your property. If you’re interested in what we can offer, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 854 353.