When embarking on a home improvement project, it can be easy to get decision-fatigue; with so many types of windows on offer these days, picking just one is a difficult process!

Luckily, there are ways to narrow down the choices and select the perfect type of window for your home. Whether you live in a cosy quaint cottage or a sophisticated, contemporary home, there is a style of window to suit not only your property, but your personality too.

What factors should you consider when choosing window styles?

When choosing a window type, consider factors such as the architectural style of your home, the purpose of the room, the amount of natural light and ventilation needed, and personal preferences for aesthetics.

Which is the best material for my home?

Generally, the three most popular window frame materials are uPVC, aluminium and wood. Timber is the most expensive option and can be prone to rotting without ongoing maintenance.

As window materials go, aluminium and uPVC both offer easy cleaning requirements, and are a great option for modern homeowners thanks to their energy efficiency, durability and affordability.

uPVC is often the most cost-effective option, and it generally offers the very best in terms of thermal efficiency.

Aluminium, while slightly more expensive, is an incredibly strong material that can hold large panes of glass, allowing for slimmer sightlines and uninterrupted views.

Traditional styles with classic aesthetics: flush sash and vertical sliding

Vertical sliding windows are a popular option for heritage homes, as they can be made to meet modern thermal efficiency standards. This style contains two sashes that can slide up and down within the window frame to allow for ventilation at either the top or the bottom of the window. This style was once popular in Victorian and Edwardian homes, making them an excellent choice for older properties.

Our vertical sliding windows are made from uPVC, combining the benefits of traditional style with modern energy efficiency and security.

White timber bow vertical sliding windows

Those looking for a classic design might alternatively opt for flush sash windows. This timeless style incorporates a sash that sits flush with the frame when closed, providing elegant aesthetics that mimic the appearance of traditional timber windows.

Green uPVC flush sash bay window close up

Modern sophistication: casement and tilt & turn

As well as traditional styles, there are many modern window designs that are perfectly suited for more contemporary homes.

Aluminium casement windows are a popular choice for those looking for a sleek, sophisticated look. Typically hung at the side and opening outwards, casement windows are one of the most popular choices for homeowners. These windows also come in a variety of opening configurations and can be hinged from the side or the top.

White uPVC casement window installation


Tilt & turn windows are another great choice for contemporary homes, as they provide a minimalistic style that is perfectly suited for modern living. Practical and versatile, these windows can either tilt inwards from the top for ventilation or swing inward (like a door) for easy cleaning and maximum airflow.

White uPVC tilt and turn window close up

Wood-effect windows: the best of both worlds

If you’re looking for heritage charm but without the hassle of ongoing maintenance, timber-effect windows made from uPVC might be the perfect option.

We proudly offer Residence 9, a range of carefully designed timber-effect uPVC windows.  With a nine-chambered design, the flush sash frame is designed to retain warmth and reduce heat loss.

Light oak effect Residence 9 flush sash windows

Thermally efficient windows

All of our window styles are designed to be as thermally efficient as possible, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep your home at comfortable temperatures and lower your energy needs.

We also offer different glass options for those looking to improve the thermal efficiency of their home. All of our windows are made with double glazing as standard, but we also offer triple glazing (which includes an extra pane of glass) for those seeking extra insulation and noise reduction.

Triple glazing means that instead of two panes of glass, there are three, and instead of one gap filled with insulating gas, there are two. Triple glazed units are crafted to deliver even better U-values than double glazed units, and offer heightened energy efficiency.

While more expensive from the outset, triple glazed windows can lower your bills in the long run by reducing the amount of energy needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Find the perfect window style with Premier Windows

If you need a hand choosing between the different types of windows, our friendly expert team is on hand to offer guidance and help you find the perfect style for you. With a range of window styles (that also come with a wide range of colour options!) there is something for everyone. Our window installation team will ensure minimal disruption and a stress-free process.

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