Recent statistics show that over more than half of all break-ins are committed through old windows and doors. Making it critical in choosing high security windows and doors.

Premier Windows are offering free security home checks throughout Aylesbury.

Interior view of a white timber stable door

Gary Warby, Director Premier Windows, said: “Technology is evolving daily, as are the techniques that burglars use to get around them.

“It means that what were the leading security systems 10 years ago, are more vulnerable to attack. As a starting point it’s worth checking to see if your doors and back door in particular use the old Euro cylinder lock.

“These have recently been exposed as vulnerable to attack but can be replaced relatively easily and for minimal costs.”

Premier Windows has published the following guidance to help homeowners carry out home security checks:

  • If you have recently moved home, make sure you replace the existing locks – you don’t know who has got a key to get in.
  • Make sure doors are ‘solid’. Premier Windows offers High Security Composite Doors.
  • Always take the key out of your door at night. You will not believe how many break ins occur through a burgular breaking a window and turning a key.
  • Make sure that your door features multi-point locking using shoot-bolts and hooks.
  • If your windows aren’t lockable, replacement them at the earliest opportunity
  • Always lock your windows and doors at night or if the house is empty.

For more information about our high security windows and doors, please email or call a member of our team on 0800 854 353