In our world of convenience, we all take reliability for granted. We fully expect that our internet connection works, that our car won’t break down and that our home will always keep us sheltered and warm, without too many problems to encounter.

Yet sometimes things go wrong. The car won’t start, the computer screen remains stubbornly black and there’s an unexplained draught blowing through our living room. Suddenly, we’re inconvenienced – what do we do next?

When it comes to windows that are no longer working as they should, or look in need of repair, we have a couple of choices. We either try to do the job ourselves or we get a specialist to take a look. When it comes to double glazing, however, it’s more likely that a replacement will be needed.

So let’s look at what could go wrong, and how it might be remedied:

Light oak effect Residence 9 flush sash windows


Modern double glazing should last for an average of around 25 years, so if you’ve only just had it installed, you shouldn’t have to worry – not least because we include a ten year guarantee.

However, if you’ve just moved in and you’re noticing that the seals around the window are starting to go or that there are draughts and increased noise from outside, it’s decision time. Repairs can be sought, but in the long run it’s better to get a new window and discover the benefits of contemporary, thermally efficient glazing.

At Premier Windows, our high quality double glazed windows are designed with performance in mind, they effectively work to prevent heat loss whilst helping to lower your energy bills. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that with our replacement windows, your home will stay at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Verdict: Replace


If you see condensation on the outside or inside of your double-glazed windows, don’t worry too much. The exterior variety is caused naturally, as a result of your house being thermally efficient, causing water to bead up on the outside. Interior condensation is caused by damp – generally by cooking – so open a window during these periods. But condensation forming between the panes of glass means that the seal is old or damaged, so the glass will need replacing. Apart from this being very annoying, it is also reducing the energy efficiency of your home.

Verdict: Replace.

White uPVC casement window installation


Mould is an irritating by-product of excessive condensation, yet it can be kept at bay by opening windows regularly and wiping off excessive moisture. However, if the mould appears between the window panes, again this means the window is failing to do its job. Seals can be replaced, though you need to ask yourself whether this is a short term solution to a long term problem.

Verdict: Replace.

Damaged glass or frames

A crack in a pane of double glazing usually requires a simple replacement of that pane, as opposed to the whole window, and most frames are designed to have the glass replaced. However, if your frames are damaged, you will need new double glazing. This includes rotting wooden frames, warping UPVC, discoloured frames, and broken frames and sashes.

Verdict: Replace.

Bedroom with a white uPVC vertical sliding window

Replacing a double glazed unit is going to be more expensive than a repair. If money is tight then repairs can be made and you will notice some short term benefit from quicker fixes. However, in the long term replacement is a more sensible choice, saving you money on bills and improving the air quality of your home. At Premier Windows we have a wide selection of double glazed windows made from uPVC and aluminium that will suit almost every property.

Our uPVC and aluminium windows are available in many different styles including casement windows, tilt & turn windows, sliding sash windows, and flush sash windows. For more information on how we can help with your next home improvement project then contact our expert team of installers today for a free quote.