Residence 7 and Residence 9 are highly popular brands of timber-effect uPVC windows, designed to replicate traditional Victorian window styles. While there are similarities between the two, Residence 9 windows are able to boast:

  • Improved internal appearance
  • Butted together corner joints
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency
  • Larger range of colour options
  • Authenticity increasing weatherbar

In both performance and aesthetics, Residence 9 windows are far better suited to period properties, particularly those in conservation areas across Buckinghamshire.

Oak effect Residence 9 flush sash window interior view

Internal appearance

Both products offer stylish flush exterior profiles. However, Residence 7 profiles also have flush interiors. This is different to the Residence 9 collection’s interiors, which have more textured designs to create that classic aesthetic. Furthermore, they also come with a customisable range of hardware and accessories such as monkey tail handles and a range of butt hinge options. This enhances their authenticity, giving them that ornate, hand-crafted look of traditional 19th century windows.

Traditional manufacturing methods

By butting together their corner joints, Residence 9 windows further increase their resemblance to authentic timber windows. This close resemblance is what makes them perfect for homes in conservation areas, where it’s often required for homes to match the traditional appearance of their rural setting.

Sage green Residence 9 window

Are Residence 9 windows more thermally efficient than Residence 7 windows?

Yes. Both can be fitted with 28mm double-glazing or 44mm triple-glazing. However, Residence 7 windows only have 7 heat-trapping chambers, whereas Residence 9 have, you guessed it, 9.

In addition to this, Residence 9 windows have 100mm wide profiles, compared to Residence 7’s 75mm. All this allows for exceptional thermal performance, achieving A+ energy ratings and helping to reduce your energy bills over Winter.

Larger range of colour and finish options

Residence 9 Windows come in a fantastic range of colours and foiling options. Foiled options like golden oak, anthracite grey and grained white are extremely popular, and further increase the window’s timber-effect appearance. They are also available in unfoiled, smooth colours like vintage cream and chalk white.

In total, there are over 23 different colour options to choose from, compared to just 20 for Residence 7. Residence 9 windows also support dual-colour options, allowing you to have different colours for your window’s interior and exterior.

White Residence cottage windows

Residence 9 windows have a weatherbar

What is a weatherbar? The weatherbar is a raised, horizontal strip that runs along the bottom exterior rung of old timber windows. It’s like an exterior windowsill, designed to reinforce the mullion and slide dripping water away from the house.

Unlike Residence 7 windows, Residence 9 windows are equipped with this weatherbar, further increasing their authenticity both in terms of appearance and functionality.

Light oak effect Residence 9 windows

Residence 9 windows in Buckinghamshire and Aylesbury

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