Traditional white composite front doorIn the last decade, composite doors have quickly become the most popular type of entrance door in the UK. An excellent choice for the front, back, or even side, of the home, you might be wondering how they have become so popular. So, as a leading installer of them, we thought we would look at 5 reasons why.

1. Highly insulating cores and A energy ratings

One distinctive quality that is unique to composite doors is that they have insulating cores. These enable them to achieve the highest energy ratings. Ours are available with either solid timber or ultra-dense foam cores, and the doors can achieve energy ratings of A. Keeping your home warm when its cold and cool when its hot, such high energy ratings are a good indication that you can reduce your energy bill too.

2. Robust Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skins

Surrounding these insulating cores are two skins of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). This material has excellent insulation qualities, so further improves thermal performance. However, it also has incredible resistance to corrosion, the weather, and various types of damage. Every composite door of ours comes with a 25-year structural warranty, proof of the outstanding durability you can expect.

3. Woodgrain exterior that always looks stunning

Grey composite front doorThe GRP skins on composite doors are embossed to recreate natural woodgrain textures to the finest detail. So, as natural timber is a tried and trusted look, renowned for its wondrous beauty, you can expect them to always look good. As GRP can be cleaned with just a simple wipe down, it’s easy to keep the doors looking their best all year long too.

4. Secured by Design accredited

The combination of robust materials and leading security hardware, such as multipoint locks, allows them to achieve Secured by Design accreditation. This is a scheme run by the UK Police that recognises products with outstanding security credentials. An accolade that very few products can claim to possess, it is overwhelming proof that composite doors are some of the securest entrance doors on the market.

5. A wealth of unique composite door designs

Traditional chartwell green composite front doorWhether you live in a period property or contemporary townhouse, there is a composite door to suit it, and in a way that is wholly unique to you. You can choose from 27 glass designs, various door furniture, and 40 quality colours, combining them as you see fit. Even when opting for a grey composite door, one of the most popular options now, there is plenty of flexibility.

Premier Windows, leading installers of composite doors in Buckinghamshire

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