Conservatories provide valuable living space as well as increasing the value of your home. Whether you bought a house with a conservatory or had a new one installed, this space offers a bright and charming flow from your property to your garden. However, as the seasons roll by, you may find it more difficult to spend time in the room. Boiling hot in the summer and freezing in the winter months, this is a commonly used description for conservatories from days-gone-by.

Replacing your conservatory roof can transform the room into a beautifully warm space that is suitable for year-round use. As with all home improvement projects, this can be a big investment and the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is spot on when it comes to this kind of improvement, as you can see…

You may have compared quotes from various companies, and one stands out as being considerably cheaper than the rest. However, it is vitally important that you make sure that the company isn’t offering a clad-over conservatory roof.

What is a clad-over conservatory roof (and why should I be wary of them)?

A clad-over conservatory roof is usually constructed using tiles, plasterboard, timber and basic insulation, and fitted over the top of the existing roof. You should be wary of these clad-over roofs as the existing structure is generally not structurally sound enough to handle the additional weight.

While it may look like a professionally fitted roof, in high winds, snow or just naturally over time, there is a high risk of the roof collapsing. It’s very difficult to spot a botched job until something starts to go wrong with it. However, there are a few key ways to avoid putting your money into a dud product.

How do I avoid getting caught out by a clad-over conservatory roof?

There are 3 crucial ways to avoid being caught out by a ‘clad-over cowboy’:

1. Look into the company’s reviews and local reputation

Doing some digging into the company’s reputation, either by looking at independent reviews or through word of mouth, is a strong indicator of their quality of work. Chat to friends and family to see if they’ve used the home improvement company or know anyone who has.

There are a variety of reputable websites that will provide independent reviews on the company, including Checkatrade and Which? Trusted Trader.

2. Make sure they offer a product guarantee

A guarantee will cover you if you have a problem with your conservatory roof. It’s important to make sure that the guarantee covers the conservatory roof and the installation itself. For additional peace of mind, make sure it’s an insurance backed guarantee. This will ensure that the guarantee is honoured even if the company ceases trading.

At Premier Windows, we offer a 10-year insurance backed guarantee on all our replacement conservatory roofs.

3. Check their accreditations

Accreditations are a great indicator of a company’s quality. To be accredited by schemes such as Which? Trusted Trader, companies are required to prove their work credentials, including credit checks, customer experiences and installation quality.

Premier Windows are also members of the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme who, in the event of a dispute, will give you access to an impartial ombudsman service absolutely free!

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