Regardless of whether you’re replacing the original sash windows on a period property or looking for windows for a more contemporary home, sash windows are an excellent addition to any Buckinghamshire property. Here are 5 benefits that they offer:

1. Timber sash window aesthetics with the practical benefits of uPVC

Large white uPVC vertical sliding windowOur sash windows have been designed to the same specifications as the original timber sash windows. They are also available in a range of woodgrain foil finishes, which replicate the tone and texture of genuine wood. Therefore, they offer the timeless charm that timber sash windows are renowned for.

However, because they are built from uPVC and not timber, there is no need to retreat them periodically to stop them from rotting. uPVC is designed to resist swelling and peeling without treatment, so the odd clean is all they will ever need.

2. Window Energy Ratings of ‘A+’

The combination of high-quality double glazing and heat-trapping, multi-chambered profiles allows for Window Energy Ratings of ‘A+’ to be achieved. This indicates that they are, hands down, some of the most thermally insulating windows around. Therefore, you can expect cosier interiors whilst the cost to heat your home should also be reduced.

3. Increased authenticity thanks to genuine sash window furniture

Close up of a white timber vertical sliding windowOur vertical sliders come with an impressive selection of genuine sash window furniture, ensuring you can achieve a more authentic sash window appearance. Choose from:

  • Sash lifts
  • Locking cam catches
  • Sash eyes
  • Run-through sash horns
  • Sash stops

Sash window furniture is available in a selection of colours too for increased customisation.

4. Leading sash window security for Buckinghamshire homes

Locking cam catches secure our vertical sliding windows in place whenever they are closed. The meeting rail, which is the name for the horizontal bar that sits across the top of the lower window sash and the bottom of the upper sash, has also been reinforced. This makes it highly difficult for potential intruders to force them open and enter your home.

5. Sash window colours to suit any property

Chartwell green uPVC vertical sliding windowsWe can apply any RAL colour to sash windows, meaning there are more than 150 finishes to choose from. Several woodgrain effects are also available, as are dual colour finishes. The latter involves applying different finishes to the internal and external window frames and allows for a seamless match between the inside and outside of properties.

You can also customise the glass area of sash windows with a variety of decorative glass designs.

High-quality sash windows installed in and around Buckinghamshire

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